Irlandfahrt des Englisch-LKs unter Herrn Scheid

For my Englisch-Leistungskurs it has become a tradition to say a few farewell words in English at the end of our time here at the Leibnizschule.
Yes, in using the language of our course some of the most prominent phrases might be kept in our minds together with events of special interests and just things to remember.
So what will be the nature of this ‘legacy?
Certainly not a progress report of our achievements and performances in class, although it might be interesting to mention, put in a nutshell- so to say, that the history of Ireland, Britain and the USA were exciting topics to deal with, including the agents of the Elizabethan Age and the Age of Enlightenment.
But to understand the true meaning of the progress of that time, the ideas put into practice, the endeavours taken by brave men and women, etc. students need more time to
understand, and it is my hope, that the seeds of knowledge, put into the breeding ground will grow in each of my students in the most favourable way.
I hope you will enjoy this Shakespearian metaphor of gardening; no? Remember King Duncan praising Macbeth and Banquo! So like the voyages of the early emigrants to the New World exploring new and unknown territory with the concepts they had learned at home our English course has also embarked on a journey through centuries of literature, politics and philosophy in order to cope with future – mostly intellectual challenges.
So, having experienced though, that school does not play the role in the
formation of young peoples characters as it should, I express my dearest wish that some of the efforts made and concepts understood, books read and idioms learned will be
remembered as a meaningful activity of the Leistungskurs Englisch, and by a lucky stroke, will contribute to your career prospects. I’d like to add the skills we also applied and perfected in our course, like the use of the computer, presentation techniques, the mind map activities and power point abilities. The way my class cooperated and made use of these skills, especially when giving their book reports, was a pleasure to me. Here the slogan ‘work works’ is paramount, as we are learners throughout our lives.
And, in my role as a teacher and human being I can gladly state that the respect we have
gained for one another, the working atmosphere we have created and the progress we have made, I am proud to be the tutor of that group.
Not for all this course has been a success story, though, but we are convinced that their future career prospects will not be hampered by the lack of that graduation.
For those two students we share the hope of their becoming a Phoenix, rising from the ashes of the Leibnizschule, with the others seizing the opportunity of Prometheus’ example and taking the fire of humanity and wisdom to the people. The road to success –to use that image again- is paved with a great variety of abilities, and let us be aware of the talents we have and how to use them.
Investing our resources in a liquor store might be a little narrow-minded. But keep your dream alive, and once you have turned it into reality
create a new one for your pursuit of happiness.
Looking back at the experiences of 12b/13b the trip to Ireland certainly is worth remembering, and for that reason I’d like to add some photos of places we visited, the people we met and the talks we had.
So let us remember the fine castles, milestones of Irish history and the bicycle tour on Aran Islands, the trip to the Cliffs of Moher, Eddie Lenihan’s Irish tales and the interesting talks we had together.
So good luck to all of you and take care!